Homebrew Game

Session 2

Elves, Goblins, and Mayhem.

The party is currently discussing what to do regarding an Elven encampment they saw being erected on the road leading from Bronzebarrel’s Folly. Are the Elves seeking to tax commerce? Are they seeking to attack the town for some unseen reason? Do they want the magic lantern? Many suggestions are given but ultimately the PCs decide they need to go to the encampment and seek more answers. Anathenna wishes to act as a noble emissary on behalf of the town.

Further, they also begin discussing the topic of reopening the mine. Roland and Sun think the Goblins will need to be ‘cleared out’ before it would be safe for villagers to mine.

Before anything will be done, declares Roland, his armor and weapon need repair. Sun obliges and uses his magic to mend them.

Sun offers to scout the encampment for information. He shifts into the form of a housecat and walks nearby. He spies six Elves in all, one clearly wearing ornate armor and taking a position of leadership. Another prays before an alter to an Elven deity, while the rest seem to be simple guards/watchmen. Several tents are erected for the people, low barricades, toll gates, and a single watchtower of some thirty feet high.

Sun reports back his findings.

The party sets out together, to meet the Elves at their roadblock of sorts.

They approach the encampment and Sun shifts into the form of a snake, and hides in Roland’s backpack.




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