Homebrew Game

Session 2
Elves, Goblins, and Mayhem.

The party is currently discussing what to do regarding an Elven encampment they saw being erected on the road leading from Bronzebarrel’s Folly. Are the Elves seeking to tax commerce? Are they seeking to attack the town for some unseen reason? Do they want the magic lantern? Many suggestions are given but ultimately the PCs decide they need to go to the encampment and seek more answers. Anathenna wishes to act as a noble emissary on behalf of the town.

Further, they also begin discussing the topic of reopening the mine. Roland and Sun think the Goblins will need to be ‘cleared out’ before it would be safe for villagers to mine.

Before anything will be done, declares Roland, his armor and weapon need repair. Sun obliges and uses his magic to mend them.

Sun offers to scout the encampment for information. He shifts into the form of a housecat and walks nearby. He spies six Elves in all, one clearly wearing ornate armor and taking a position of leadership. Another prays before an alter to an Elven deity, while the rest seem to be simple guards/watchmen. Several tents are erected for the people, low barricades, toll gates, and a single watchtower of some thirty feet high.

Sun reports back his findings.

The party sets out together, to meet the Elves at their roadblock of sorts.

They approach the encampment and Sun shifts into the form of a snake, and hides in Roland’s backpack.


Session 1
Goblins, Ghosts, & Goldmines

Players receive letter from Arvin, requesting their presence in Bronzebarrel’s Folly. Arvin is apparently calling in the favor each PC owes him.

Roland comes to Bronzebarrel’s Folly, stays in Joyce’s Bakery instead of staying at The Leaky Roof

Anathenna & Sun are still on the road that day.

Arvin returns to town bringing a wagon filled with provisions for the poor and hungry townsfolk, handing them out in the street and creating quite a stir.

Roland notices Arvin’s return and greets him as he passes, then follows the wagon to Arvin’s residence. Sun drops out of a tree, unexpectedly, greeting them at the manor.

Tea and bread are enjoyed with some discussions until Anathenna arrives.

Arvin explains the nature of his “favor”. He is out of funds and the town will soon suffer for it, he asks the players to travel to his father’s panned out mine and find his father’s corpse. More importantly, he also asks them to retrieve a valuable family heirloom he had with him.

The party ask lots of questions of Arvin, attempting to learn of his possible motives, or dangers they may face in the mine. (Great job guys very proud GM)

Sun heads to the mine alone through the woods.

Roland and Anathenna travel in a wagon provided by Arvin. They encounter road guards, Elves. The guards ask them to stop and explain their business.

Anathenna manages to talk her way past the guards, vouching for Roland, who only just learns he needs proper papers to travel in this land.

The mine entrance appears old and dangerous….Roland and Sun Lower themselves first, then lower Anathenna. They loose their grip and the platform nearly crashes to the ground with Anathenna on it. Luckily, at the last moment, Sun grabs the rope.

Sun and Roland check the mine for foot prints or signs of activity, but find nothing near the entrance.

There are three ways to go. Left, right and, center.

The party goes left first.

Roland finds a store room, searches it and takes rope & a skin of oil.

Further on Sun finds a kitchen and while searching, finds old Dwarven ale. He takes it.

The passage ends at a smithy, where Sun finds mithril nugget, which he also takes.


Party goes right at entrance.

Sun avoids a ‘noise trap’ made of bones (string low across the ground with bones strung through it).

Party finds miner’s barracks, seems the beds have been used. Sun finds a flask of thick red liquid under the bed, but no one in the party can identify it. Sun keeps it for now.

the party finds an office, which seems empty, Wall collapsed inwards revels natural tunnels.

Party enters natural tunnels, and Anathenna smells…rotten meat(?) at a fork in the tunnel leading left. Rich iron smell to the right.

Party goes left.

Roland and Sun get pummeled by a falling rock trap, but keep following the rotting meat smell.

Party enters a chamber to find three small, headless skeletons shambling around, meat still clinging to their bones. Sun spots a darkmantle on the ceiling, battle is joined.

After the battle, the party has trouble identifying the skeletons. Anathenna suggests checking the darkmantle’s stomach for skulls, in doing so a skull is found and Sun recognizes it as belonging to a Goblin.

Party continues carefully, Sun checking for more traps. He manages to avoid a pit of spikes tainted with rotting meat and another noise trap. They find the natural tunnels again connect to the Dwarven mine, this time into a chapel of sorts.

Chapel seems to be to a god of craftsmen and protection but no more can be gleamed, the reliefs and statues are too damaged.

Roland finds a hidden panel in the alter, containing a flask of yellow liquid. He uncorks it and recalls the smell from his time in the military and says it gives one the strength of a hill giant. He pockets the potion.

Party continues, and encounters the Goblin ‘boss.’ Talks are had, and the Goblin boss is offended by the party not bringing a gift. Sun, angered by the Goblin’s sense of entitlement, throws a ball of fire at the Goblin boss, but a hidden lackey jumps in the way, taking the hit. The goblin boss angrily banishes them from his mountain.

The party proceeds through a Goblin common area, unaccosted, claiming to have the Goblin boss’ permission to pass.

The party encounters rust monsters and tries to distract them with a pickaxe ‘snack.’ However, Roland’s armor and weapons prove more enticing and the creatures attack. Battle is joined, with Roland’s weapon becoming badly damaged and his armor tarnished a bit. One creature is killed, the other wounded one flees and dies after falling into a spike trap.

Rail tracks are encountered again (they were originally present in the third, unexplored direction at the mine entrance). They lead to a large, semi-circular room.

A large, almost boulder sized hunk of mithril hangs from a crane. Wooden scaffolding wraps around the room’s boarder. The party begin to explore, only to be accosted by unseen forces. Something pushes Sun into the pit below, while pickaxes fly at Roland and Anathenna.

The party spies a skeleton and satchel at the bottom on the pit. Rolands runs around to reach it, while Anathenna conjures a spectral servant to collect the skeletal remains (assumed to be Arvin Bronzebarrel’s father).

The mithril boulder begins to sway dangerously on the crane.

Sun finds a lantern with Dwarven runes carved on it. Roland suggests they fill it with the oil collected earlier and, with luck, its light may reveal the unseen force harassing the party.

The conclusion is sound, as the lantern reveals a ghost wildly swinging on the crane, as well as previously unseen ore and gem deposits all over the cavern.

Sun begins talking to him in Dwarven and appeals to his sense of legacy and honor…eventually convincing the spirit to abate and rest!

The party return to Arvin with great news, but on the way notice an Elven encampment being erected on the road. For now they leave it be, but are concerned.

Not only did they recover Arvin’s ancestor’s remains and the family heirloom, they also found the magic lantern that seems to reveal hidden riches. Sun and Roland give the lantern to Arvin, and suggest he consider using it to reopen the mine.

Rolands asks if Arvin knows anyone who could repair his weapon, and Sun offers to. The party begin discussing why the Elves might be out along the road.



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